Here are some suggestions that may help in the success of your party:
  1. Involve your child in the planning of the party. Have the child look at some of the photos on the web site - this gives them an idea of what the clown looks like and what to expect.
  2. Most children like when their house is decorated – even a few streamers and balloons make a child feel special - but keep it simple.
  3. Children like simple food.  Nothing fancy and not too much sugar.  It is recommended that the food be served prior to the arrival of the entertainer.
  4. Keep in mind how many children you are inviting to make sure you allow enough time for the entertainer to attend to each child whether for balloons or face painting. An average party is 10 to 15 children and anything more you may need to add more time or make other adjustments. I can make suggestions and answer any questions you may have.
  5. Invite your entertainer ˝ hour to 1 hour after you have invited your guests. This allows for any late comers not to miss anything.
  6. Turn off all music and televisions so there are no distractions. All your children’s attention should be focused on the entertainer.

  1. As far as space needed for the entertainer, I can perform in any area from very small to very large. If all you have for space is a corner, that’s fine. For face painting, a small table or end of a table and two chairs is sufficient. A simple task of removing a coffee table can make a nice sitting area for the children to enjoy the entertainment.
  2. If you have the entertainer’s payment ready and nearby, you will save yourself some stress by being able to get back to your guests quickly and the entertainer can leave on time to manage their other events.

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